Who Ruined Tarantino’s New Movie?

The Hateful Eight: A Hollywood Betrayal Saga


It’s been about 3 days since Quentin Tarantino came out for the first time very-very upset because the script of his upcoming project was leaked online. And he has all the reasons to do so – after all, the script for the Hateful Eight was his own creation, his baby, and in a way it was stolen from him.

This is a real-life take on betrayal leading to lack of trust, especially since 5 of the 6 people who were entrusted with the script are (and have been) collaborators of the acclaimed writer/director. What could have Tarantino do after his baby was stolen and exposed on the “market”? It seemed only logical for him to flare just like he did.

As said, there were six people whom he trusted with the script, four of them being Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Bruce Dern, and the Django Unchained producer Reginald Hudlin. It was later confirmed that Samuel L. Jackson was the fifth person, with the director saying that he actually was already cast. So who is the sixth one? Who is the one that actually betrayed Tarantino?

The director had plans of beginning the shooting next winter, but now he completely changed his mind, making his plans as things unfold. He said that he will publish the script and move on, because there are plenty other ideas from where the Hateful Eight came from. He also said, very colorfully, that the one man he doesn’t suspect at all is Tim Roth, and the man he beliefs to have been careless is Bruce Dern.

Leaks are something that happens more and more often lately, with several other high profile spoilers ending up on the internet. For example, X-Man: Days of Future Past has already had 3 script excerpts leaked online. And, even more, these excerpt where pictures taken with a phone with the solely intent of being posted on the internet. And we aren’t even mentioning someone else, who also has some serious problems with the copyright laws.

In Tarantino’s case, as Bruce Dern’s agency suggested, it was probably someone who mistakenly xeroxed the script and spread it to other agents – the agency also implied that it was Tarantino’s fault for not watermarking it. After all, he gave it to six compete strangers, not to some people he has known for more than 25 years.

On the other hand, thank god, Tarantino has plenty of other ideas besides this one. And it is probably better that the script was leaked now and not sometimes during the actual shooting. It is better because who knows how the director might have reacted – granted, he wouldn’t have shelved the movie, but everything goes with him.

However, the fact that he lost his trust in six of his friends was sweetened by one thing: there were many people, many actors interested in collaborating with him on this movie once they saw what the story was.

So it can be said that the Hateful Eight won’t happen anymore because of some Hateful Six. And, according to Quentin Tarantino, it’s not all about that his script was leaked, but about how Hollywood really works. There’s no respect and no sense of security – as it was said, if you come up with a brilliant idea, it doesn’t make it necessarily yours.

Thankfully, Quentin Tarantino is a man of plenty resources and, as he said, he was actually working on Hateful Eight and another project concomitantly. Maybe next time he decides to trust his friends, he will watermark the “m*****ing” script.

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