Top 15 Most Awesome Cult Movies

Surely you might have heard of those movies which were critically destroyed at the time of their release, probably bombed at the box-office, but then, with the passing of time, they proved to be literally adored by the audiences. Movies like The Thing or Blade Runner didn’t say much when they were first viewed in the cinematographs. What happened afterwards made them history.

Nevertheless, we will probably not mention the cult favorites or the cult greatest – if we may, it is all about the underground cult.


1. The Room

The Room

Some might have said that this movie was like being stabbed in the head. Some might have compared it with the Casablanca of the bad movies. The script is literally composed of words glued together, the acting resembles a bad child’s play, and the directing is worse than a first time homemade movie – all the congratulations go to Tommy Wiseau. Nevertheless, this movie is regarded now as one of the “so bad it is good” movies of all time, getting regular late-night screenings all over the world.

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