5 Best Christian Bale Performances

It is never too late to celebrate a great actor, Christian Bale, who captured everybody’s attention from the moment he starred in his first movie. What followed was actually quite under the radar. However, this period of time can also be considered some sort of apprenticeship during which the actor chiseled his skills in order to be called a Great.

When he resurfaced, Christian Bale literally exploded in everyone’s face, numbing everything in his way with his gut retching performances.

He might be called a character actor, which actually isn’t quite too far away from the truth given his dedication to his roles. However, our honest opinion is he is more than that, if that is possible – just look at any of his recent films and see how well he switches from one emotion to another, from one state of being to the next.


5. Rescue Dawn

Rescue Dawn

True Story – this is the way one could begin speaking about this movie, which stays true to the actual events which lead to the capture, imprisonment, and escape of Dieter Dengler during the Vietnam War. Of course, all movies which try to depict any war in a realistic way will be impressive ones, even scarring at some point. However, Christian Bale literally gave everything so that he could feel what the actual war hero felt.

Of course, it isn’t all about his physical preparation for the role, but about the way he pushed the limits of his psychic, it is all about true terror in the end. How can you show the true horrors of the war if someone else is doing your stunts, if someone else feels what you should feel for yourself?

True story – when Dieter eats on screen maggots with a spiteful grin on his face, the maggots are real as well as the grin on the actor’s face.

True story – since Bale lost 55 pounds for his role, almost the entire cast decided to do the same. The director eventually entered the game, losing 30 pounds.

Rescue Dawn is a gem, a diamond in the dirt, which has passed too unnoticed.

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