10 Greatest Giant Monsters


Are you still hooked up by the terrifying requiem followed by the iconic roar featured in the Godzilla trailer? If so, then you can hardly wait for the 16th of May to come, when the King of all Monsters will finally stomp the theatres just like in the good old days.

These monsters are much older than the movies depict them to be – for example, there is the Leviathan featured in the Book of Job, and there is the horrifying Typhon featured in the Greek mythology, and as a matter of fact every single culture has its own giant monsters, from malevolent to benevolent (and sometimes even both).

They are our own creation and it depends only on us how we want them to be – they are the personification of our own fears and hopes, they are Mother Nature unleashed, they are the Titans of the old mythologies, who didn’t listen to the unreasonable reasons of the mankind.

Godzilla is still 2 ½ months away, so there is a little bit of waiting until then, so in the meantime you can check out the most iconic movie monsters of all time.

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