10 Greatest Giant Monsters

  • Godzilla

    Are you still hooked up by the terrifying requiem followed by the iconic roar featured in the Godzilla trailer? If so, then you can hardly wait for the 16th of May to come, when the King of all Monsters will finally stomp the theatres just like in the good old days.

    These monsters are much older than the movies depict them to be – for example, there is the Leviathan featured in the Book of Job, and there is the horrifying Typhon featured in the Greek mythology, and as a matter of fact every single culture has its own giant monsters, from malevolent to benevolent (and sometimes even both).

    They are our own creation and it depends only on us how we want them to be – they are the personification of our own fears and hopes, they are Mother Nature unleashed, they are the Titans of the old mythologies, who didn’t listen to the unreasonable reasons of the mankind.

    Godzilla is still 2 ½ months away, so there is a little bit of waiting until then, so in the meantime you can check out the most iconic movie monsters of all time.

  •  1. The Graboids


    Featured for the first time in Tremors, the Graboids are based on the Mongolian death worms and they are a fictional species of sandworms – this is the main reason why they don’t have eyes, using only their keen senses in order to detect any vibrations. This is also the reason why they aren’t picky when it comes to their menu, their entire principle being “eat first, ask questions later.” Of course, if by chance they do swallow something inedible, they regurgitate it after a while.

    A mature Graboid is 30 feet long and 6 feet wide – they are the perfect killers, since you will literally never see them coming.

  •  2. The monster from The Host

    The Host monster

    A throwback to the golden age, The Host is part horror, part comedy, and part political commentary. The monster featured in the film is some sort of amphibian which grew to unnatural propositions after the river it inhabited was polluted (by the Americans). But he isn’t even the main star of the movie, since it is all about a somewhat dysfunctional family who has to keep united in order to save the day.

    This one monster is so iconic that it even influenced the design of several other Kaijus, even from last year’s Pacific Rim.

  •  3. Clover


    Is it an alien? Is it a creature from the abyss? Is it the aftereffect of experiments gone wrong? Nobody knows.

    However, it is still one of the best depicted monsters of all time, simply because we only catch small glimpses of him almost the entire movie – and one already knows that the less you see the more you fear.

    “Clover” (his nickname) or LSA (large scale aggressor) is 26 stories high, has a very durable skin, it is supposed to be quadruped, and has hundreds of louse-like creatures attached to its body. And if we are going to take into account what its creator said, this is just a new-born – we are still waiting for the promised sequel (which seems to be lost forever because Star Wars: Episode VII).

  •  4. The Behemoth


    We only get to see this phenomenal monster for a couple of seconds, just as The Mist is about to reach its (somewhat) disappointing end. A creature from another dimension, the Behemoth is so big that it can make a blue whale feel like a trout. Sitting on six legs and with hundreds of tentacles around its neck and thorax, the Behemoth is about 240 feet tall, and this is only an assumption.

    Although we only catch a glimpse of this gigantic creature, the way the movie built the tension up to its appearance makes it stick into our memory. The question would be: how did they manage to bring such a formidable creature down?

  •  5. The Thing

    The Thing

    We know that the Thing (from the homonymous movie) was just a couple of feet tall, but that is mainly because it only had humans in its vicinity to replicate. But imagine if that ship crashed somewhere in India (near the elephants, that is), or somewhere into the ocean (near blue whales, that is). Furthermore, while we’re at it, we can imagine it falling into a world inhabited only by Mist Creatures.

    That would be truly terrifying.

  •  6. Sandworms (Shai-Hulud)

    Sandworms (Shai-Hulud)

    A species of giant worms living in the desert planet of Dune, the Sandworm is probably the biggest creature from this list, reaching up to a ½ league in lengths and even more. They basically feed on stone (which is also why the planet is a huge desert) and have a life span of several thousand years, and they basically indestructible.

    These are literally gods to the inhabitants of the planet – even more, their excretions are the most valuable thing in the universe, giving anyone a longer life, vitality, and even clairvoyance abilities. And, like with any other God, this by-product makes its user addicted to it.

  •  7. Kaijus


    Cloned mindless soldiers sent from another dimension, the Kaijus are the bringers of doom, no matter what planet are they sent to. Dwarfing buildings and having the power of levelling entire cities, they are constantly upgraded by their creators so they could meet and defeat any kind of resistance.

    The Kaijus reach up to several hundred feet up and also come with parasites attached to them. Even more, when they are killed, their blood dissolves anything in its path (being highly corrosive), while the entire body emanates toxic wastes. Having thousands of tons in weight, they each have two brains.

  •  8. Gamera


    Basically released upon the world by a Toho rival studio, Gamera is a prehistoric giant tortoise (and there are many oriental mythologies which speculate that the one being sustaining the entire universe is a giant tortoise) who feeds on petroleum-based products – that is the reason why it can fly, breath fire, and so on.

    Just like Godzilla, Gamera began its existence by trashing the world (or Tokyo). Later on, it became a protector of Earth, mainly saving children from harm’s way.

  •  9. The Kraken

    The Kraken

    While some may prefer the Pirates of the Caribbean version, or even the rebooted Clash of the Titans version, the most iconic of them all was featured in the 1981 movie – and while the mythology is all screwed up in there, it must have been a hell of a sight back then seeing this enormous creature rising up from the sea.

    Multiple members – checked; a titan (in the movie, at least) – checked; evil and threatening towards a virgin – checked; crumbling into dust in the end – checked.

  •  10. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

    The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

    One of the most beloved giant monsters of all times, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is the perfect example when it comes to our fears giving birth to unspeakable horrors. This way, when it comes to some unnamed demon literally bringing to life your fears, you can always think about a Twinkie or something like that – at least when that cookie stomps on you, you will at least have the chance of going out laughing.

  •  As you can see, we have steered away from creatures like the 50 foot-tall woman (which is basically a larger woman), or creatures like the giant ants in Them! (we include in here King Kong too, which is nothing more than a big ape) or any kaiju from the Godzilla rogue gallery. But should have we included in here the Rancor from Star Wars? Or the Balrog from Lord of the Rings?


    Is there any other iconic movie monster we might have missed? Tell us below and we will revisit this list. And don’t forget to keep on checking this page for more fresh news and awesome lists like this.